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Stories of our clients

Inspiring interviews with our valued clients whose brands are proudly protected by Trama.


February, 20235 minutes read

Stories of our clients: Birdwingo

"In Europe, 15% of the adult population invests, whether it's shares, crypto or ETFs. In the USA, it's 58%. Our goal as a company is to get Europe to at least 30%." Read the whole story of Birdwingo from the perspective of its Co-Founder Andrej Hano and learn how Trama protects this inspiring brand on its mission to make investing more accessible and introduce the European region to more socially responsible investing options.


November, 20223 minutes read

Stories of our clients: Take on Goliath

“A lot of businesses focus on the product: what's good about the product, what makes the product so different, the unique selling proposition. You hear these phrases all the time. Take On Goliath looks at things a little differently. We go far enough back to see what's needed to support the consumer, the retailer, the wholesaler, and then the brand itself.” Read the full story of Dave Christie, the founder of Take on Goliath, another inspiring brand protected by Trama that helps SME businesses be seen and heard more.


May, 20223 minutes read

Stories of our clients: Sl'eau

“Testing how the garment fits, testing how comfortable it is to wear and testing how well the fabric holds up in the long term are all things that Shein and the like skip to churn out clothes at the rate that they do. Sweatshops and slave labour allow them to sell the garments for the prices that they do. We do things differently” Read the full story of Vanessa Jones, the founder of Sl’eau, another inspiring brand protected by Trama that brings quality and craftsmanship back to the fashion industry.


April, 20223 minutes read

Stories of our clients: All-in-one platform WebSell

“WebSell is an all-in-one platform, meaning that we handle everything when getting businesses online. We have big plans for the brand so securing a trademark for our new name in various territories was essential.” Read the full story of WebSell, another satisfied client of Trama, from the perspective of Cillian McGillycuddy, marketing manager at WebSell.


April, 20223 minutes read

Stories of our clients: ShyneDurags

“Our continual drive for excellence made us the best selling durag brand in the UK. Last year, we began trading on Amazon and found the marketplace to have a handful of rogue sellers who attempted to tarnish others’ brand reputation. This issue was quickly dealt with after trademark certifications were provided to Amazon.” Read the full story of Alvin Mills, the founder of ShyneDurags, who continues in his goal to create the #1 online destination for afro hair care.

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March, 20223 minutes read

Stories of our clients: Dāyze

“We want the world to know, we are here to stay,” Madeleine Müller, head of design and founder of Dāyze. This emerging sustainable unisex streetwear brand has focused on brand protection through trademark registration from the very start of the business and we cannot encourage other entrepreneurs enough to follow the same approach, thus avoiding potential pitfalls and infringement issues.


March, 20225 minutes read

Stories of our clients: Cyber Expedite

“Our goal at Cyber Expedite™ is to modernise the cyber security service procurement industry, to help organisations answer one simple question: I know I need a security service; I just don’t know what to ask for and who provides that service. We put so much effort into trading names and reviewing web domain registrations etc, why would you not want to protect that?” Cyber Expedite, founded by Niall McEvoy, seeks to add value to every organisation by simplifying the scoping and delivery of cyber security solutions and services.

Screenshot 2022-03-15 at 10.08.40

March, 20225 minutes read

Stories of our clients: Greca

From travellers, for travellers. A simple, yet powerful, motto underpins the convenient services provided by Greca, an online travel agency, founded by Greca Guido Colombo. “Even with a pandemic and a war, people are still trusting us with their dreams” and it is our pride at Trama to help protect this exciting travel agency.


March, 20223 minutes read

Stories of our clients: Eonce chocolate

“We focus on making simple and delicious chocolate, ethically sourced and without additives. That’s the real alchemy where you take something that does not exist and turn it into a reality that people can see, taste, touch and smell.” Jose and Julie first met in Culinary School in Seville and it has been their dream come true to establish Eonce Chocolate, a delicious brand proudly protected by Trama.


February, 20225 minutes read

Stories of our clients: SquidWeb

SquidWeb represents a single solution enterprise software encompassing every tool needed by event staffing companies to smoothly run business - and will be developed now to an industry-independent ERP system. In-depth automation, time savings through effective collaboration and service guarantee make SquidWeb stand out, contributing towards the success the company has achieved over the last 2 decades. The full story of SquidWeb’s origin dating back to the student days of its founder Simon Stürtz is truly inspiring and so are the current brand protection efforts that we explore together with Kristina Huch.

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